Whether your organization is entertaining clients, looking for a team building workshop or interested in our “Titanium Chef” Challenge, Beach Cuisine will tailor your event to be a success. To add that extra touch, supply your team with their own custom embroidered aprons, chef toques or medals. And don’t forget your camera!



Corporate Events


Custom menu’s blending our expertise with your ideas is part of what sets Beach Cuisine apart from the rest. Sure, we have dozens of menu items you can choose from, but we don’t limit you to that. Beach Cuisine’s menu planners will work with you to customize a menu for your special event at no additional cost.

Cooking Classes

Our private cooking classes put your group into the kitchen next to one of our classically trained chefs. No questions are off-limits, and we answer back when your TV won’t. Let us show you the necessary tools to become a chef in your own home. We’ll give you the knowledge to successfully cook for your family, host your own dinner party or throw a casual brunch for friends.
If you’re hosting a group or party that’s too big for your own kitchen, we can supply one of ours.

Introduce a new dimension of flavor to your next party, event or gathering, and let Beach Cuisine Catering introduce you to a new level of flavor.

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